Dipl. Arzt Scott (Matthew) Watson

Specialist in general internal medicine

Dipl. Arzt Scott (Matthew) Watson

Scott Watson studied at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in Great Britain successfully passing the state examination in 2004. Following the medical diploma he completed training in 2010 as a general practitioner gaining experience in a wide spectrum of medical specialities. In the subsequent 6 years he worked as a general internist in the ambulant setting gathering further experience in chronic disease management, palliative care, geriatrics, and health promotion. Upon moving to Switzerland in 2016 he began the process of recognition and completion of the Swiss specialist title of general internal medicine which he hopes to submit in October 2023. This process has provided skills and knowledge in sexual health including HIV management and prevention, management of addiction and the practice of internal medicine within the swiss health care system. Patient involvement in their care (shared decision making) and evidence based medicine are of high importance to him alongside breaking down inequalities and discrimination in health care provision.

Scott Watson is here for you on the following days of the week:

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Dr Watson speaks English and German with some skills in spanish.