Dr. med. Olaya Madrid Pascual

Specialist in general internal medicine

Dr. med. Olaya Madrid Pascual

Olaya Madrid studied in the medical faculty of Universidad de Granada (Spain) und RWTH Aachen Universität (Germany). Following this she completed her specialty training in general internal medicine in 2018. During her training she gained experience in a wide spectrum of internal medicine including emergencies. Alongside this she deepened her knowledge in autoimmune disease in the Hospital Universitario de Cruces (Bilbao, Spain) and infectious diseases at Universitätsspital Zürich. Olaya Madrid tries not only to provide medical recommendations based on the best available evidence, but also to create a safe space for everyone in the medical practice. She firmly believes that everyone has the right to feel listened to and not judged when they go to the doctor’s office.
Prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles are of special interest to her. She approaches her career and patients with empathy and kindness.

Olaya Madrid works on the following days of the week:

  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Friday

Olaya Madrid speaks German, English, Italian, Spanish.